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9 Surprising Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar has an overabundance of health benefits, these health benefits come from regular consumption of ACV due to it containing contents such as minerals, beta-carotene, pectin and vitamins.

The two major health benefits derived from consuming ACV are weight loss and detoxification. Furthermore, if you need relief from arthritis, diabetes and high cholesterol levels to mention a few, Apple Cider Vinegar may benefit you as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar is effective in the breaking down of food particles into proteins, minerals and essential fats. It also enhances the metabolism process. The vinegar is obtainable from not only fresh but also ripe and high quality apples that undergo fermentation.

The fermented apples then undergo a rigorous process that develops the final product. The history of ACV goes back to the 400BC era when Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, used it routinely for remedial treatments that he offered his patients.

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Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Consumption of ACV has ample health benefits, such as helping in the treatment of the following diseases and/or conditions:

    1. Arthritis 1

With more than 50 million people diagnosed with arthritis, Apple Cider Vinegar has been said to help with the pain accompanied with Arthritis, however no scientific studies have actually been administered to prove this claim.  Arthritis occurs due to the toxic waste accumulation in the body, a process that ACV can possibly reverse or prevent.

    2. Weight Loss 2

Apple Cider Vinegar may be effective for weight loss due to its effects on metabolism and the ability to burn extra and unwanted calories in the body. It has shown to increase satiety which in turn helps you eat less calories.

    3. High Cholesterol 3

Apple Cider Vinegar contains amino acids and pectin, which are effective in neutralizing the bad levels of cholesterol within the body. The neutralization not only helps in reducing the bad levels of cholesterol, but also in offering the cardiovascular system ample protection.

    4. Detoxification 4

ACV may help in balancing the body’s pH levels, in doing so it creates a detoxification process that can benefit the digestive system as well as your liver. ACV is full of natural minerals, enzymes, vitamins as well as acids.  These acids can bind to the toxins in the body and help with eliminating them more efficiently.

    5. Diabetes 5

Studies have shown that ingesting vinegar before bed may benefit waking glucose concentrations in people with type 2 diabetes. It has also shown that acetic acid may affect the glycolysis cycle in the liver which may also benefit people suffering from diabetes.

    6. Skin Care and Hair Care 6

Although there is limited proof in ACV’s effectiveness in improving skin and hair conditions, it has been shown to be an effective treatment for skin conditions such as acne and hair conditions such as dandruff.

Controlling dandruff and balancing pH levels in your hair is possible with regular intake of Apple Cider Vinegar. If you do not want to take it orally, applying the product directly on the scalp will also have the same effect.

    7. Diarrhea 7

Diarrhea, which is a preventable disease, is the second major cause of death among children aged below 5 years. ACV has been shown to help with this condition due to the probiotics and pectin found in this vinegar. It should aid in the following types of Diarrhea:

  • persistent diarrhea
  • acute bloody diarrhea
  • acute watery diarrhea

    8. Pet Care

ACV has been used to treat the following conditions in dogs; Bacterial and fungal skin infections, urinary tract infections, repelling fleas & ticks, healing dry skin and treating/preventing ear infections.

    9. Cancer 8

New cancer cases are expected to rise by as much as 70 percent in the next 20 years. If you would like to prevent or neutralize the effect of free radicals in your body, regular consumption of apple cider vinegar should prove effective in this regard.

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Safety Concerns with Apple Cider Vinegar

It is important to avoid drinking Apple Cider Vinegar straight without mixing it with something, it should be diluted before consumption. This is because of the possibility of it being able to damage your tooth enamel, and also harm the esophagus.

For best results, and without damaging your tooth enamel as well as esophagus, the use of 1-2 tablespoonfuls of the vinegar is recommended, but only in a large glass of water. You can also use a straw when drinking it to keep the acid from damaging the tooth enamel.


Apple Cider Vinegar is an effective natural remedy that has evolved significantly over time, if you can tolerate the taste, you are sure to benefit from the many health benefits that it provides.

With its wide range of health benefits ranging from treating Arthritis pain to being an effective natural supplement for Cancer treatment, Apple Cider Vinegar has become a popular option for people trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

Before deciding to consume Apple Cider Vinegar, you should consult with your doctor first. Let the doctor advise you on the merits and demerits of using this type of vinegar based on your current health condition.

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