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Avoiding Toxic Drinking Water (What You Need to Know)

What better way to connect to the planet than to drink from its natural flowing springs? By drinking water from the springs of the earth, we do not just form a better relationship with our planet, but rather we become part of it. Every organism on the planet is made of water and consumes water in order to survive. After we consume water, it becomes the blood running through our veins. That water literally becomes part of us.

That’s an important thought to remember before you drink anything. Is that liquid qualified to become your blood later?


spring water river

Spring water

One of the amazing processes the earth performs under the unconscious nose of urban civilization is the hydrologic cycle, which filters water through the ground. When polluted water rains down on the ground, it first goes through the atmosphere, pulling off a lot of the pollution naturally. After hitting the ground, it is treated by soil, a living organism. The soil microbes, roots of plants, and fungi clean this water. Next it heads down through sand, clay deposits, and sometimes carbon deposits. Moving through these layers works to detoxify the water. Finally, it makes its way into an aquifer where it sits in cold darkness for thousands of years until eventually making its way back up to the surface as a spring.[1]

When we go to get water from a spring, the water we are drinking could be 10,000 years old. It’s water that’s been filtered through the earth thousands of years ago, before oil spills, nuclear radiation, and other detrimental pollutions. This water has been protected underground by bedrock and could be the cleanest water on the planet.


tap water faucetTap water

The extensive variety of chemical substances and pharmaceutical drugs found within this liquid is appalling and unacceptable.[2] Chlorine is effectively used in tap water as an antibiotic. Unfortunately, antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. When you consume this antibiotic water, it goes through the digestive tract on a microbe killing spree. Microbes are the essential good bacteria in our gut, critical for digestion and immune system function. [3]

These bacteria work as our body’s first line of immune system defense. Tap water also inadvertently mingles with sewage water because of complex city piping systems.

Chlorine is needed to kill organisms in the water so we don’t get sick from them, but as a result we ingest a chemical substance daily that kills our own organisms.

It’s commonly thought that we could just filter the water afterward to fix this problem, but it’s not very effective. For example, the Brita water filter is made by Clorox, a bleach company. If you examine the box the filter comes in, it reads “removes the taste and smell of chlorine”. It does not say “removes chlorine”.

We shower in this stuff, breathing it in and ingesting more of it through our lungs than we do by drinking it. When we get into the shower and turn on the hot water, that water turns into a gas we call steam, creating volatilized chloroform gas, which is a trihalomethane.  The bathroom we shower in daily has been turned into a confined gas chamber filled with trihalomethane gas.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin also injected into tap water. Fluoride is a drug that destroys willpower and dumbs people down. In Nazi Germany it was used specifically for this purpose to pacify prison camp populations. More recently a study done by Harvard University has shown that fluoridated water significantly lowers IQ. Brain disorders in children have also been linked to fluoride according to Harvard University.

It needs to be understood that if you want to remove these chemicals, you can’t use a Brita water filter. Only very strong water filters like reverse osmosis or distillation can do this. Unfortunately, these filtration systems are so powerful they strip the water of minerals until it’s not a good choice either. Water is never found naturally in its pure form because it is a solvent, meaning it’s always trying to dissolve things into it. This allows us to have minerals in our water. Reverse osmosis and distilled water systems create pure H20, which is so pure and so empty that it wants to aggressively attack things to dissolve into it. When you drink water this pure it begins stripping away minerals from your body. You basically drink pure H20 water, but when you pee, it’s not pure H20 anymore, it has minerals in it taken from your body. This leaves you with a mineral deficiency over time.


plastic bottled waterPlastic bottled water

As I mentioned earlier, water is a solvent. This creates a new problem when we try to bottle water in plastic because it dissolves plastic into the water. Over time we end up consuming a lot of plastic in our water. Even in minute quantities the plastics are endocrine system disruptors. This is interfering with testosterone levels, sperm count, human fertility and is also driving female reproductive and gonadal cancers. Plastic is also a big culprit in cancers such as breast cancer. The reason is because these cancers are driven by estrogens. When most petrochemicals enter our body and work as estrogen mimickers., they are called xenoestrogens (foreign estrogen molecules). This is one of the major problems with plastic.[4]

An important thing to keep in mind is that plastic is not biodegradable. This means life forms can’t eat it. Plastic on the other hand is photodegradable, meaning it gets broken down by light. So if you leave a bottle of water in the sun and another in the shade, the bottle in the sun will taste more like plastic because the light is breaking it down and then the water is dissolving it. If you are drinking out of plastic, it’s crucial to protect it from light.


spring waterfallDrinking Solutions

  1. You can upgrade your water by going to find a spring. On the site you can type in your area code and you can hopefully find a local spring. This is not only the cheapest option, but it is also the best option.
  2. If you live in a city and can’t get spring water at all, then distilled or reverse osmosis water might be your only option. You can also buy a TDS meter to use. If you check distilled or reverse osmosis water with a TDS meter, you’re going to get a very low reading. Pure is 0 parts per million and with this filtration you might get anywhere from 0 to 10 parts per million. Spring water reads much higher, closer to 100 parts per million. What you want to do is start mixing in a high quality salt such as Pink Himalayan Salt until you bring that reading up to about 100 or 150 parts per million. Now you have taken demineralized water and remineralized it, making it much safer to drink.

shower headShower solutions

  1. Buy an Omica shower filter. They are only $100 and are incredibly beneficial. This water filter simply screws right in between the wall and shower head. I find this to be a very easy and effective solution to the trihalomthane gas chamber problem we talked about earlier. You will notice a difference in the quality of your shower and health.
  2. If you’re unwilling to buy this very cheap shower filter. Here is the free, but significantly less effective solution: shower with the door open. Showering with the door open will at least mean you’re not locking yourself in a gas chamber.



*** Images courtesy of Ross Johnson



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