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10 Best Pregnancy Foods

Optimal nutrition is important for all stages of life, all the way from our birth to our twilight years. But when it comes to pregnancy, the importance of our diets— of the foods and drinks we put into our bodies—cannot be overstated. Aside from eliminating potentially dangerous recreational and prescription

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7 Health Benefits of Wasabi

If your condiment repertoire is any more refined than the standards of ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, chances are you’re familiar with wasabi. Wasabi, an Asian root vegetable in the same family as horseradish, is thick, green, and powerful. It is most commonly sold as a powder or a ready-made paste

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11 Health Benefits of Persimmon

If you venture outside the realm of the child-friendly trio of apples, bananas, and oranges, chances are you have familiarized yourself with such popular fruits as mangoes, pomegranate, acai berries, and even jackfruit. While your bacon-eating, Coke-slurping Midwestern cousin may not know the magic of jackfruit, most of those with

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7 Ways to Make your Water Healthy at Home

Over the years, it has become common knowledge that drinking water is absolutely vital for your overall health. If you do not drink enough water and only consume soda, you’ll put yourself at risk for serious health ailments. Of course, consumers have become a little concerned about the quality of

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