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20 Healthy & Budget-Friendly Meal Recipes

One of the things I really hate hearing from people is that “it’s too expensive to eat healthy”. Personally, I think that couldn’t be farther from the truth, you just need a little bit of creativity and motivation! Below are 20 easy, healthy and most importantly budget-friendly recipes that anyone

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18 Delicious Paleo Diet Recipes

The Paleo Diet has been rising in popularity over the years and we can clearly see why! Often referred to as the “Caveman Diet”, there’s really not much lacking in these amazing recipes, who knew cavemen had such great taste? With so many specialty diets already out there and new

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17 Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes

With Thanksgiving coming up in just a few weeks, we figured we’d put together a list of some healthy and absolutely delicious recipes you can make for the big family dinner! This list has a little bit of everything, desserts, sides and salads to accompany that big tasty bird! This

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14 Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes

Looking for some easy Vegan dinner recipes? We’ve got you covered! Check out the 14 recipes we found that anyone can make for dinner tonight and will have everyone praising the chef! What’s not to love? These recipes are healthy, tasty and super easy to make. Please leave us a comment

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15 Tasty Detox Water Recipes

Check out these 15 Detox Water Recipes we found that will not only help the detoxification process, but also taste great! Plain water can get boring sometimes, which is why its tough for people to drink the daily recommended amounts. These recipes of infused waters are not only healthy, but

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