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7 Health Benefits of Essential Oils as a society are very accustomed to modern medicine. We pop pills for headaches, sleep problems, stress relief, allergy symptoms, stomach upsets, and even to alleviate pain caused by injuries. But it wasn’t always that way; before the days of aspirin and antibiotics, many healers relied on holistic remedies

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7 Health Benefits of Dates

If you’ve been paying any kind of attention to what’s going on in the health and nutrition community for the past several years, you have probably encountered the high-carb, low-fat crowd’s favorite fruit: the humble date. Though pitted dates have wormed their way into countless low-fat or raw recipes in

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7 Health Benefits of Kombucha

Those who frequent health food stores are probably quite familiar with kombucha tea, but the rest of us have only just started to see this alleged super food popping up on the shelves of grocery stores and supermarkets across the country. Whether it’s sold by itself, mixed with green juice

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5 Ways to Stop Smoking Naturally

Though once considered harmless or even healthy, we now understand that smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Protection, smoking causes over 480,000 deaths every single year. Compared to nonsmokers, the average smoker has a life

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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey!

If you’re old enough to consume anything other than mother’s milk, chances are you’ve had honey in one form or another. Humans have been eating honey for at least as long as they have been recording history; the earliest written mention of this sweet substance, bee keeping records found in

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